What size Toe Ring do I order?

What size Toe Ring do I order?

Posted by California Toe Rings on 4th Nov 2023

  • Ordering the correct Toe Ring size is very important especially if you plan on wearing your toe ring all the time.  For women a standard size is 3 to 3.5.  For Men it is 5 to 7.
  • The toe ring needs to be put on with soapy water and pushed in going over the front largest part of the toe. If you put the toe ring on dry it will fall off in the shower, pool or Ocean.
  • A unique way to wear toe rings is mixing finished designs like a braid with a plain in 14k gold filled and sterling silver.
  • This plain band is one of the most popular design Sterling Silver Toe Ring, Silver Plain Band Toe Rings (
  • This gold toe ring is an excellent choice to wear with sterling silver

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