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Meaning of Toe Rings

26th Apr 2013

Fashionable Toe Rings


Just enjoy your Summer with a magnificent range of collection of toe rings. A Toe ring is in fashion nowadays and are available in various designs and style to suit your body and accessories your toes. They are something like shimmery silver toe rings; crystals decorated shiny gold rings, sterling silver adjustable and fitted toe Rings, tribal engravings silver toe rings and stainless steel toe rings. This valuable jewelry is an investment for you. However you should learn the trick to show it off stylishly.


Moreover toe rings are gorgeous and stunning toe ornaments that are elegant adornments for the feet. These are available in plain band type and in party ware, somewhat in heavy designs with paired with anklets; those heavily ornate pieces are known as toe ring anklet sets.


Toe ring seems to be a relatively latest fashion accessory for the western part of the globe, but in India and Africa, wearing toe rings is considered symbolic for married women and however it serves as a mark of a married status of Hindu women. In the western earth women wear this in single piece whereas the traditional Hindus only wear in pairs.


Traditionally this jewelry was made out of the materials like strung beads, bamboo, and wood, seashells, bronze wires, and rattan. New more contemporary designs of the same is developed to enhance the ethnic beauty of the fashionable modern bride and women. Now the Jewelry is coming in the material like gold, silver, bronze and other fashionable material.


Toe Bands are especially intended for the big toes. Toe bands appear classy and the latest trends in fashion are the sterling silver bands. These are the simple bands with no additional trappings, very comfortable right for daily wear. However for party bands also come with heavy and attractive look embellished with diamonds, stone studs and color studs. There are also many bands available in different color.


Toe rings are as similar as finger rings. But it has a specialty that is a small gap at the bottom of the ring which helps it to push it into the toe easily. Usually the toe rings are adjustable type to fit with all sizes of the toe. It comes in a variety of designs and patterns to suit your taste and fashion statement.


A great way to show off toe rings is with sandals, slides, and the footwear’s that usually has an open front. It looks grand on bare feet while you are walking on the beach.


Wearing toe rings, with well manicured toenails as a toe fashion ornament will honor your feet a gorgeous as well as sexy appeal and will tempt many men to kiss the pretty little ring embellishing your foot.


Modern women don’t have any custom boundary hence wearing the fashion accessory to augment, decorate and make the feet attractive. The elegant Toe band and Rings are handcrafted now coming with custom-fit for continuous wear with over in 50 sizes. It is however comfortable to use in all types of shoes such as boots, high heels and tennis shoes. You can manage to work out, swim, and even play sports wearing the same.


Now the wonderful Toe Rings are available in White, Yellow & Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum, as well as Gold Filled. 


People go to our product as we have developed a reputation on the market not only for the design, style and fashion but it always comes with elegance, timeliness and femininity.